FREE TO DREAM will play in Karosta on 9th August

The band from Barcelona “FREE TO DREAM”, impellers of Hard-Jazz-Rock in Spain, will be on tour in August in Latvia ( Karosta, Riga, Liepaja, etc…) invited by Fontaine Enterprises.

Free To Dream is a musical experiment that consists of the fusion of Hard-Rock with black music. A band influenced by sounds of original instruments such as the Moog, the Hammond or the Clavinet, that take them to Hard-Rock with a touch of jazz.

In spite of addressing to a minority public, this band from Barcelona was considered in its country, the first independent band in reaching the international record market. The release in 2006 of “Live in Barcelona” motivated, in Japan, the re-edition of its first studio album called “La Mujer Invisible”, and at the moment their albums are on sale in all Europe, America and Japan, where they are considered a band of interest.

Far from being a commercial group, and oddly, due to that interest awaked in the musical scene, in their eclectic live shows they melt Opera with FreeJazz, something surprising for an independent project destined to a tough scene and completely underground.

In this tour, they present exclusively for Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, their last work published in Vinyl + CD format, with double folder and comic included, called “Rocktámbulo”, a Spanish play on words between Rock, and Night-owl. The new work that will present during all the week in our country, consists of a Suite of several movements that constitute a conceptual piece in which a narrator between parts, will take part, to explain the descriptive music that the band will play in its shows.

Free To Dream is a project of the singer and producer Luís Blanco, that in this tour, will be accompanied by Jeroni Pagán (Fender Rhodes Mark I, Piano & Keyboards), Dani Villa (Hammond. Moog, Clavinet, etc…), Sergio Belloso (Electric Guitar), Nacho López (Electric Violin), Xavi López (Bass), Pablo Posa (Drums & Percusión), plus four wind original musicians of our country, (Trumpet, Sax Tenor, Alt Sax, & Trombone) that will tour like wind section during all the week (8-14 August) accompanying to the band.

Luis Blanco decided to present his last album on tour in our country, with the aim of creating a link between Barcelona and Liepaja, between Catalonia, Spain, Latvia and neighbouring countries, to initiate in the future cultural and friendly relations between these two, relatively not known to each other, parts of Europe.

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