Be a prisoner for a day at Karosta Prison, a unique hotel in Latvia

Perhaps you have not stayed in a prison yet. But did you know that it is now possible to experience how it feels to be one of those who are detained even just for a night. This is said to be a truly unique experience. The Karosta Prison is the world’s unique hotel. It is actually a prison that was used in the past and it is converted to a hotel. It is found in Latvia which is the center of the city ofLiepaja. According to the prson’s history, there are a lot of people who died in this place and most of them were shot in the head. Some even believe that this hotel is a hunted one. Aside from that fact the place is scary enough without considering the spirits found in there. If you want to enhance your travel in Latvia then you should book in Karosta.

What is interesting in the Karosta Prison is that it offers museum tours, special activities, accommodation packages and more. There is staff in this hotel that are taking good care of all the properties found inside and of course they serve the guests friendly and with world class service. The fact that you can actually see what is found inside is already enough to make you excited. If you love adventures like this one, you can be accommodated to stay in the Karosta Prison like as if you are a prisoner.

You will get to sleep in a room that is iron made and this will include the iron bars.  Each room is very simple. All you see is a bed, a small dresser and toilet. It is just like an actual prison. With a closed door, you can eat the meal that prisoners used to eat. However, this will be done once you have signed an agreement regarding their contract conditions about your stay at this hotel. The agreement in staying at the Karosta Prison includes rules like that you should follow their orders and allowing to be insulted and be treated like a prisoner within your stay. As you have signed the contract and you disobey their orders, they will force you to do physical exercise or do the cleaning works. But hey, if you think this is brutal, there is really no need for you to stay the full day to feel like you are in a real prison. Remember that this is your choice.

There are others who prefer to have special services during their stay. You can opt for a day stay just to get the feel of the place. It is simply a real adventure that you can look forward to. Make this as your training ground if you are planning a different kind of journey.

Karosta Prison photos: karostascietums


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