Karosta festival 2020


WHEN? From June 8 till 14

WHERE? Liepaja, Karosta

WHY? To celebrate 30 years of of Latvian independence from Soviet Union, since Latvia declared restoration of independence in 1990, May 4, more on this here

Karosta Festival took place on June 6-14, 2020.

10 local and 3 foreign (Estonian and Spanish) artists as well as 18 poets took part in the festival.

During the festival week new artworks were created in Karosta – three 360 paintings of Karosta prison cells, large scale mural in the urban environment of Karosta, two large murals in the Northern forts and two new murals in Redan. In Karosta water tower – a large (400×260) painting “I AM” by Ritums Ivanovs, sculpture “Mermaid of Karosta” (4m) by Egons Peršēvics, paintings by Agate Apkalne and Alina Orav and installations by Baiba Ābelīte. R.Ivanovs ans A.Apkalne also brought their previous works in Karosta water tower, that are exhibited during the summer.

An important achievement of this festival is the fact that a new historical object opened for culture – Karosta water tower. Since the festival it is open every day for visitors and hosts open artist workshops.

Poets had a creative workshop in Karosta Prison during the festival week and created poetry that was presented in the water tower and took part in art project with the painters.

Three video documentaries were created and premiered during the festival and will be used for educational and promotional purposes.

There were several free tours around Karosta – on foot and with bicycles. Because of Covid-19 Karosta Festival was the first and only summer festival in Latvia in 2020. Therefore it got a lot of attention from both visitors and media.

A video recap was created every day and at the end of the festival to offer a distanced participation in the festival for everyone.

Karosta Festival is organized by “Karostas glābšanas biedrība” (Society to Save Karosta)

Karosta Festival is organized by NGO of Karosta (KGB) and supported by Liepāja Municipality and Valsts Kultūrkapitāla fonds.

Video reportage

by Spāre Vītola and Reinis Žodžiks