Long live the festival!

Karosta festival have been held in Karosta since 2019. In festival we offer art, music, diverse activities for families and children, as well as an old-timer car show.

Festival usually takes place at the beginning of June, and the works of art created during the festival can be viewed in Karosta throughout the summer. Every year at the Karosta festival, a new place of cultural interest is "opened". Festival started in Redan, which has already become one of Karosta's magnets. For a stable value, the artist's workshop opened in Karosta water tower, which is traditionally open during the Karosta festival and in the summer, becomes a place of work and a home for prominent Latvian artists.
Since 2022, Lights festivals have also been held in Karosta.

Karosta festival 2024

Another chance


Karosta Light festival 2023

Light sculptures, zero-waste lamps, music at fire-place, fire shows, workshops, buffet.


Karosta festival 2023

More art than ever


Light festival 2022

Light objects and installations, zero-waste lamps, candle mandalas, making can candles, music by the fire, floating lanterns, fire show, fire sculptures.


Karosta festival 2022

when masks fall


Karosta festival 2021

A dream for the future


Karosta festival 2020

To celebrate 30 years of of Latvian independence from Soviet Union, since Latvia declared restoration of independence in 1990, May 4, more on this here.


Karosta festival 2019

To commemorate 100 year anniversary of Latvian Independence War and the heroes who fought for our freedom.