Guide service around Karosta

We offer tours and guide services in Karosta and Liepaja. Cycling tours are also available.

The tours must be booked in advance by calling +371 26369470 or e-mail:


2 hours 40 EUR

3 hours 60 EUR

4 hours 80 EUR

5 hours 100 EUR

Water Tower

In summers the tower serves as a residence for artists. You can not only see the interiors of the grand tower but also visit the open workshops of artists, watch the creative process and enjoy the exhibition of works they brought with them.


Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is a 10km (6 Mile) long walk, where you can discover the history of Liepaja Fortress, learn about Latvia’s fight for freedom in 1919, enjoy the diversity of Karosta’s nature and find new exciting places in Karosta.


Liepāja Fortress

Liepaja’s fortress is a fortification complex around the entire city of Liepaja, built at the turn of the 19th century.


Art in Karosta

Since 2019, the Karosta Festival has been held every year in Karosta, during which works of art are created.


Other sights in Karosta

If you should choose your travel destination, it is good idea to go to the place where many unique things can be seen – to Karosta. Unique in Latvia and the Baltic, in Europe and all around the world...


Free of charge in Karosta

There are many nice sights in Karosta, which you can see using the maps and booklets available at the Karosta Tourist Information Center (prison).