Karosta Festival 2019


WHEN? From May 28 till June 9

WHERE? Liepaja, Karosta

WHY? To commemorate 100 year anniversary of Latvian Independence War and the heroes who fought for our freedom


From May 28 till June 9 International Art Festival in Redan

June 7-9 Photo workshop “Karosta – foto osta”

June 9 Festive event in Redan, opening of Memorial stone to heroes of Latvian Independence War, introduction with artists, honoring of artists, presentation of artworks, presentation by Latvian National Guard, hiking the new Freedom Trail.

July 18 Opening of open-air large photo exhibition in Karosta Prisons’ yard

Karosta Festival is created co-operating with Artrvl.com

The project is co-financed by Liepaja City Council.

The Karosta Art Festival

The Karosta Art Festivaltook place from May 28 till June 9 in Redan. Artists created large murals, 3D installations, performances. Works of art are dedicated to Latvian Independence War and the battle that was fought in Redan 100 years ago.

During tours in Redan you can visit and see these artworks

Luis F. Guevara (Venezuela)

Portrait of Karosta’s commandant first lieutenant Roberts Radziņš. R.Radzins recieved the Order of Lacplesis for battles in Karosta on 14th of November, 1919. On this day R.Radzins with his team of 55 men drove enemies out of Redan and over Tosmare lake. He himself died in the battle. This fight was a turning point in the battle for Liepaja and Latvia. Afterwards Bermontians left Latvia.

Muriel Rebora (Argentina)

Videosongs are a format I created to tie my music and my nomad lifestyle together. With them I can share my emotions and ideas while showcasing specific places I discover as I go. The settings where I record are deeply linked to the unique experiences that travelling gifts me with.

In this case, I asked the local community about Freedom. Using their answers, I created the lyrics for a new videosong that I composed and recorded here in Redans especially for Karostas Festival.

Ieva Gallagher (UK)

It’s a story about how women told fairy tales to their children for them to survive. How men fought for their country. The visual interpretation comes from Latvian folk fairy tales which are full of light, colour and appear childish, however are deeply tragic.

Clara Cabrera (Spain)

Unknown soldiers. Painted from an old photo. Artist wants to honor their memory with this painting.

Bartosz Janczak (UK) and Kim Schmitz Coll (Spain)

The sculpture represents two hostile powers and Latvia in the middle as a fragile structure that can nevertheless break free. The message of this composition is that everything in the world must find a balance.

Predrag Radonavovic (Serbia)

The artist used Latvian ornaments and Latvian flag colors in his artwork to honor the memory of Latvian Independence fights.

Luanna Li (China)

“Guardian angel”. To celebrate the heroic battle of the soldiers who sacrificed their life for the freedom fight, this mural is dedicated to them and hope they rest in peace in heaven and the soldier with the wings will continue to be the guardian angel of Redans forts forever.

JP Pemapsorn (Thailand)

“Wings of the world”. The project under the concept that everyone can have freedom. Those wings are for Latvian people to free themselves from the control from two countries… Pattern and details in each wings represented brave and bold of heroes and people who fight for it. Feel free to take photo with the wings .

The tiger is my signature, and also it is the symbol for brave and bold, too. Tiger is also independent animal and beautiful like this country.

Robin Abramovic (Austria)

“The unknown soldier”. A painted monument which is highlighting the bravery of Latvian freedom fighters during the first years of the Independence War against the Red Army. No real uniforms, no shoes but a heart like a lion which cried for freedom. The mural is based on a photo of the local photographer Kaspars Strēlis and is showing Mārtiņš Lasmanis.

“Tears of War”. The portrait of a wife whose husband went for war. The mural is painted on a wet wall so over the time the water which is already running down will completely destroy the artwork. The water itself is symbolising the tears the woman cried every night but still with the hope that at one day her beloved partner will come back. What he never did.

Agnese Rudzīte and Jānis Rudzītis (Liepaja, Latvia)

There will always be someone who wants to suppress and conquer, including those who want to be free and get away from the shackles. Freedom is a wonderful word with a transcendental sense. Historically, people are keen to be pedestrians and independent, but when they get freedom, the reality is disappointing for many. Because the victim’s role is / was in a comfortable position. However, freedom requires work, action, decision-making. You have to think for yourself and not wait for someone to give up the idea, money, benefit or at least a bag of flour…

Ramunas Vaicekauskas (Lithuania)

Freedom is an idea, that can only survive when people are fighting for it. Their fight is not finished until the world rests in eternal peace and their fight is not lost until the last spark of hope is dead.

Egons Perševics (Liepaja, Latvia)

In Memoriam.

There is a force that makes poorly supplied and poorly trained man to take up arms against considerably larger enemy. Thank you.

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