Karosta Festival 2021

A dream for the future


This year, the events of the Karosta Festival will take place throughout the summer, adjusting the events to the restrictions set by the country. The opening event of the Karosta Festival will take place from 6 to 13 June. All festival activities are adapted to national covid restrictions and safety regulations. The Karosta Festival will take place already for the third year. The theme of this year’s festival is DREAM. The dream of Karosta, the way we want to see it.

The Karosta Festival will start on June 6, with the participation of such well-known artists as Ivars, Helēna and Anna Heinrihsoni, A.Vītoliņš, A.Jākobsons, K.Brekte, E.Zunde and sculptor E.Peršēvics.

The 360 painting of Karosta prison cell will create Kristīne Dekovice and Agita Maķevica.

The opening event of the festival will offer two non-contact activities for visitors – bicycle orienteering around the mysterious places of Karosta and photo orienteering around the art objects created during the three Karosta festivals that have taken place already. It will be possible to download maps of both routes, publish the results on social networks and receive valuable prizes from Karosta Prison and festival supporters.

The Karosta Festival 2021 is organized by NVO Karostas glābšanas biedrība and financially supported by Liepāja City Council, the State Culture Capital Foundation, “Latvijas valsts meži” and the Kurzeme Planning Region.