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Duration of the tour is about 45 minutes.


5.00 EUR for adults

3.50 EUR for pupils, students, seniors

Children up to 6 years free of charge;

Discounts for Ukrainian citizens;

Discounts are available upon presentation of a valid " Goda ģimene" card along with a personal identification document:

·        free entry for children during organized excursions with their class or parents.

·        a 30% discount for children to all other services at Redan.

We also support Families of Honor program in Lithuania and Estonia, and identical discounts are applied to holders of the "Šeimos kortelė" (LT) and "Perekaart" (EST) cards.

Address: 14.novembra bulvāris 82/86


Redan is part of the tsarist fortress built at the end of the 19th century, where fierce battles in defence of Liepāja took place in 1919 against Bermontian troops. Now, Redan offers a chance to get acquainted with the history of Karosta, Liepāja fortress and the heroic defence of Liepāja in 1919.

In May 2022, the Karosta and War of Independence museum was opened in Redan. There are several exhibitions in the museum. One of them depicts the origins, construction and history of Karosta. The exposition is based on a timeline that marks the main events in the history of Karosta from its beginnings to the present day. The time line is supplemented by items corresponding to specific time periods. Interestingly, most of the exhibits were found in Karosta.

There is also a multimedia performance piece about Karosta created by Ritvars Embrekts, made within the framework of “KAROSTA FESTIVAL 2021. Dream of the Future”.

An illuminated three-dimensional object was created especially for the new museum – a map of Liepāja with prominent models of Karosta, the most important buildings and fortifications. The museum also has a map showing the Liepāja fortress and its armament built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The second theme of the museum is the War of Independence in 1919 and the freedom fights that took place in Liepāja. One of the decisive battles took place in Redan on November 14, 1919. In honour of this event, the street on which Redan is located was named 14.novembra bulvāris (the boulevard of November 14). This part of the museum was designed as a hall of fame for the struggle for independence, mentioning the heroes to whom we can thank for the freedom of our country. Outfits of freedom fighters and Bermontians, replicas of weapons and household items are also on display.

The authors of the idea for the museum are the Karosta Rescue Society employees who have prepared the information themselves, donated their private collections to the museum, searched for exhibits and set up the museum. The author of the design and scenography is Anna Heinrichson, the lighting artist is Mārtiņš Feldmanis, the author of the three-dimensional object is Jānis Auniņš, and the author of the Karosta building models is Valdis Liparts.

All information in the museum is in Latvian and English.

From May 27 to June 9, 2019, an international artists’ plein-air painting took place at the Redan during the Karosta Festival; 15 artists from around the world took part. Redan gave life to works dedicated to the centenary of the War of Independence In June 2020, within the framework of the Karosta Festival in Redan, the wall paintings were created by two artists – Katrīna Vīnerte from Latvia and Katrina Kolk from Estonia. The paintings can be seen during the excursions in Redan.

In 2021, during the Karosta Festival, four artists worked in Redan – Ivar, Helen and Anna Heinrichson and Kristians Brekte, as well as young artists – LMMDV students and graduates of the Scenography Department of the Latvian Academy of Arts. The multi-artist Ritvars Embrekts created a 6-minute long audio-video performance especially for the Karosta Festival.

Ivar Heinrichson: “I am a painter, but I also express myself in other forms. Being in the gloomy corridors of the underground and imagining the times gone by, there is a desire to hurry, shout or run somewhere. This is in line with my previous motifs in painting, where inner unrest, movement and expression dominate.”

Helen Heinrichson: “I usually work with oil paints on canvas, but I also appreciate watercolour, porcelain painting, and animation. A rare opportunity is a wall that dictates its rules – a connection with architecture. A year ago, visiting Karosta, feeling the tragic events of history, which contrasted with the thriving nature all around, created the feeling that my place is here as well.”

Redan has a well-maintained picnic area with tables, benches, buffet shelters and a small stage platform, created with the financial support of Liepāja City Council. The area is suitable for various new initiatives, educational events, as well as daily recreational activities.

On the 10th of May 2023 “Karostas cietums II’’ Ltd. has signed an agreement Nr. SKV- SKV-TL-2023/44  with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA)  for the project “International competitiveness promotion”, which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.