Free of charge in Karostā

Documentary “KAROSTA”

A 15 min film about the history of the Naval Port can be viewed un Prison buffet free of charge.

Freedom trail

Freedom trail in a 10 km long hiking trail, that takes you along the old fortifications and 1919 Independence battle locations.

Karosta Watertower

The silhouette of the water tower on Ģenerāļa Baloža Street is noticeable from afar. It is an architectural monument of national importance, it was build in 1905. At that time, water was pumped into the attics of surrounding houses three times a day for certain hours, using steam powered water pumps. Then people could fill their baths, buckets and other containers with water. In Soviet times steam pumps were replaced by electric ones.

The water tower had a significant role in Latvian War of Independence in November 1919. While the Latvian Army repelled the attacks of the Bermont-Avalov battle group, Allied-British warship artillery fire was adjusted over the telephone from the water tower. It played a crucial role in the defense battles.

In summer of 2020 the water tower became a new culture venue. For the whole summer it was hosting exibitions of renowned Latvian artists as well as artist residencies.


June, July, August

daily 11.00-17.00

Bicycle route

The 20 km bicycle route of Karosta goes along the least known streets of Karosta and unveils some of its hidden gems.


Art will save Karosta

Karosta – built for war, seen its prime, misery and times of change. Today – a place where people live, work and rest.

Karosta – a place where art is created.

On Invalīdu Street near Karosta Prison, you can find a large-format mural painting by Eduards Dubrovskis (Latvia).

State powers once left but a stump where there was once a powerful tree of our nation; we can now see our history and recognize who we once were through its rings; but our roots are deep and we are growing anew. Through a common goal we let free the sprouts from the shackles of the past so that we can grow great and be truly free. A dedication to 30 years of independence in Karosta, 1990-2020.”

Northern forts. Clara Cabrera (Spain) mural “Pētertirgus” (Peter’s market), Alexei Elementton (Karosta) mural “Нептун следит за базаром” (Neptun watches the market/thinks what he’s saying) and Al Sticking (Francija) mural of old lady’s portrait.

Atmodas bouleward 21. Alexei Elementton (Karosta) mural “Randez-vous”.

Atmodas bouleward 8f. Alexei Elementton (Karosta) mural "A dream"

Turaidas Street 8a. Alexei Elementton (Karosta) mural “Karosta 360”.

Guided tours in Karosta Prison

Guided tours are free of charge for children younger than 7 years.

!!! If you wish to support Society ot Save Karosta, donate to A/S Swedbanka LV58HABA0551004375031 or at the Karosta Prison.